Aaron Sanders is one of the hottest, most popular guys in Community School for the Gifted and on the football team in Sunset Valley. Aaron is also one of Ashley's exes that Susan fell for in the Sims Awkward movie  MeanGirls. At the end Aaron transferred to school at Appaloosa Plains. Leaving Susan love less for more than two years.

In MovieEdit

He sits in front of Susan in math class, where he develops a liking to her and invites her to a Halloween party. However, Ashley his ex-girlfriend, finds out about Susan's crush on Aaron, quickly seduces Aaron at the party and wins him back. Aaron breaks up with Ashley after Susan tells him during math tutoring that she has been cheating on him with Shane Oman. Although Aaron breaks up with Ashley, he doesn't ask Susan out because he realizes she has become a second clone like her sister Ashley. Spring Fling crown and distributes pieces to everyone, he dances with her and they begin dating.