evil takes human form in Ashley Ross. Ashley is the main antagonist of and in 1st Generations Ross but has a soft time sometimes when she's insecrue or shows a sign of defeat. She is the acid-tongued leader The Plastics and top queen-Bee at Community School for the Gifted in Sunset Valley. Ashley is shown to be the meanest of the trio and very self-conscious about her weight and appearence.  Vanessa seems to like her daughter's way and spoils her the most in the Ross Family. Ashley also has had a nose job. She's a bitch, and a diva. Ashley is the first daughter of Vanessa and Drake Ross. And first daughter of one of the richest families in sims The Ross family. She is just 2 years older than Susan . She's also a main protagonist in Sims 3 Awkward.

Ashley Ross

Ashley the evil bitch


Ashley is like a celebrity everyone knows who she is and treats her like valuable treasure and also just like an idol.  Ashley can also pretty much maniplulize people because she's so rich and she all the time ges what she wants in life and from her parents. (Like they're room) she could also makes people lives a miserabling hell.

Early LifeEdit

Ashley is one of the main characters of 1st Generations Ross. She is the oldest daughter and child of Vanessa and Drake. Including her younger brother Justin, younger sister Susan, and then John. She is the most star acttraction in 1st Generations Ross plus at her school and in sims. Everyone knows her very well and she's crazy popular. She treats people including her own friends Neutrogena and Karen as her slaves.


Ashley is the leader of The Plastics the most populous girls at the school she offered a spot for Susan but Susan turned it down due to hanging with real friends.


*She is gorgeous.

  • She has a good body.
  • She's a diva.
  • She has a boyfriend.
  • She's the oldest in the Ross family.
  • Vanessa Ross her mom is likeher slave.