Bobby Cantrell is a notorious italian-american student from Appaloosa Plains  who used to go to Community School for the Gifted in Sunset Valley. It is claimed Bobby is notorious because he has more than 600 girlfriends and he had sex with mostly every girl at the school. Including his exes like Kim (since first term), even Neutrogena (since 6th term), Ashley Ross (since 6th long term), and his last term girlfriend for 4 months Erikah. Bobby also dated and had sex with a bunch of other uimportant girls at the school. It was claimed he died by suicide according to Kim but Mildred Foxx announced it to Susan his survival after the school learned Neutrogena was pregnant with Bobby's child.


It's claimed Bobby is alot of things that's why he's called by the school and in all of Sunset Valley as truly notorious. He is called as a cheater, a player, rapist, pervert, gay, thug, hustler, drug-dealer, metioned that he has AIDs, and many more things. He evened was said to be hooking up with Mildred himself. Bobby even had sex with girls outside the school like cougars, hoes, and even little girls. He had about over 20 kids from 50 different girls but according to the daily post they all died accept for the one Neutrogena has from him.

Early LifeEdit

Erikah states that she hates Bobby Cantrell and why mostly everyone did because he had cheated on her. It was revealed during his funeral and vigil, that he something of an artist and he was breast-fed up until he was eight-years old.


Bobby Cantrell was claimed to have died by a motorcycle attempted suicide but Mildred later told Susan he was still alive after they reveled Neutrogena was pregnant by him 6 months meanwhile he died 8 months ago. But before this Bobby had a funeral and everyone (classmates) reveal there true feelings for Bobby. Thy pee on his grave and said harsh things especially Erikah, Ashley, Neutrogena, and Kim.


In the series we thought Bobby Cantrell died but he was last seen crossing the mexican border from his ex girlfriend of 2 hours Tasha. Susan, Mildred, Kim, Erikah, and Neutrogena actually saw Bobby Cantrell for the first time to tell hima about Neutrogena's pregnancy. Then about 3 months later Kimbre was in a domestic violent relationship with a mystery boy and reveled it was Bobby Cantrell this time Kimbre had a house with Bobby in Aurora SkiesThey then tried to look for Bobby a second time and then Neutrogena was kiddnapped by Bobby's workers from his strict permission. It is not reveled where Bobby is with Neutrogena but Susan and the gang are still yet to find out.