Burn Book is a book created by Ashley Ross and The Plastics to make stories, rumors, and gossips about mostly all the girls who go to Community School for the Gifted. It was featured in the Sims 3 Awkward movie special. Most of all the members in the plastics contributed to creating this book. Susan also contributed too. The only girls who were not metioned were Susan, NeutrogenaKaren because they wrote it. Even Ashley added herself to prove she didn't write it. When the whole schooled learned about this it sparked huge controversy to the whole girls of the school and even the teachers. It was finally gone after it was locked in the Principle's office with a lost key. 
Burn Book

Burn Book

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "Chen Jo had sex with Coach Desire"
  • "Mrs.Norberry is a cracked head" (contributed by Susan)
  • "Trang Pak is a grotsky little byotch"
  • "Erikah Va is a fat virgin"
  • "Amber D'Alessio. She made out with a hot dog"
  • "Ivan Howard-Dyke is a bull dyke"