Johnathan Allen Ross is one of the main protagonist of 1st Generations Ross and not metioned as much in Sims Awkward he is a member of one of the richest families in sims The Ross Family and the second son of Vanessa and Drake Ross. He doesn't go to Community School for the Gifted because he's too young but goes to a private school in Sunset Valley.


John is a main character in 1st Generations Ross but just not in Sims Awkward because he is too young to attend they're school. John seems to have a passion for science and is very intelligent. Let's not forget John is optimistic and very dedecated to his studies as he strives for the future. 

Early Life Edit

John is the second son of Vanessa and Drake but the fourth/last/youngest child of the family. Ashley & Susan his older sisters and Justin is only older brother.