Justin Howard Ross is one of the main protagonist of 1st Generations Ross and not metioned as much but a character in Sims Awkward he is also a member of one of the richest familiesin sims The Ross Family the first son of Vanessa & Drake RossHe is also a well known student at Community School for the Gifted in Sunset Valley. His girlfriend is Brittany Wendell and Neutrogena has a huge crush on him. 




Justin is a main character in The Ross Family and 1st Generations Ross but just not in Sims Awkward. He is known most for being very pessimistic and not as outgoing or of a people's person. Justin doesn't hang out mostly with Ashley or Susan when at school.

Early LifeEdit

Justin is the first son of Vanessa and Drake but the second oldest Ross child. Ashley is older sister, Susan his younger sister, and John his younger brother.