Kimbre "Katakana" Hokkaido is one of Susan 's best friends. Kimbre is Japanese-White girl born in Japan of sims. She says she respects white people and white girls and even tries to act like she's one of them. Kimbre even believes in White-America. She is also the newest student at Community School for the Gifted in Sunset Valley
Kimbre H.



Kimbre states that she grew up from japanese family in Japan with all American white mom. So because her family was very loyal to white people and america Kimbre changed her name to Kimbre and set off to American with her family to make all white friends. When she firsted arrived she tried how to be like a typical teenage white girl meanwhile Erikah who wanted to be her friend acted like a typical japanese girl. Erikah tried to be her friend but Kimbre decided she didn't want to be her friend.


"I do it like all white girls do"

_____________________Kimbre to Susan