Priscilla Cantrell is Bobby Cantrell's sister. Not much was mentioned about her childhood except for the fact that she was single and friends with Catavia. Priscilla is introduced to Mildred Ivan has feelings for her too when they met at a Mexican resturant after Mildred met her friend Catavia at a pig party. Both Mildred and Ivan seemed interested in Priscilla because of her beauty. Deeper within the episode when Priscilla started stealing from Mildred Susan thought she was a gold digger. So while finding out where she's going they hired a bounty hunter named HitMan and turns out she isn't a gold digger she used the money to bail her brother out of jail by shooting the bars off the cell. HitMan shot her twice on the legs. Good thing Priscilla survived but turns out Bobby Cantrell is her brother and he was finally caught in prison but Susans fault he out again.