[1] I know it may look like I was being like a bitch, but that's only because I was acting like a bitch. [2]

Susan Rochester Ross is the main protagonist/narrator of 1st Generation Ross and Sims Awkward she is also a memeber of one of the richest families in sims the Ross family daughter of Vanessa & Drake. She moved from private school in Vienna Springs to the school Community School for the Gifted in Sunset Valley. She is initiated into The Plastics led by her older sister of 2 years Ashley Ross


Susan is the main character of 1st Generation Ross and she is like a celebrity and partially famous because of her family and being an eres. But most of her closest school friends are outcast but she has alot of friends anyway. Susan is also very well known, loves educated, and would rather love people to treat her regular not as Ashley's sister of a Ross family celebrity.

Early LifeEdit

Susan is the 2 born daughter of Vanessa and Drake and is the third Ross family child. Her older sister is Ashley, older brother is Justin , and younger brother is John.


Susan has alot of friends and is very well known but her closest friends are more of outcast.


The Plastics include Susan's sister Ashley. Susan was suppose to hang with Ashley and her friends to be in they're group of rich famous pretty girls but Susan chose not to. Instead she was convinced by Ivan and Kim to act like she's joining so she could sabotage them.

  • Leaders: Ashley and Susan
  • Dumb One: Karen

"You wanna do something fun wanna go to Taco Bell". (to Ashley)

  • Snobby One: Neutrogena
  • Crazy One: Ivan (lesbian)