The Plastics are the most popular girls in school. Since their attitude is quite dislikeable, the main reason of their fame and power is the fact that they are all extremely beautiful, and the prettiest and most glamorous girls in the entire school even your sister's there. But how come you're not

Their leader is Ashley Ross, who is the most beautiful of the three, and also the one with meanest and domineering attitude.

Ashley is the sister of Susan Ross and they both are apart of one of the richest familes in sims. Ashley in the plastics is basically like a celebrity.

The other two members are Neutrogena Henderez and Karen Owens

Neutrogena's father was made very rich after inventing the Toaster Strudel, and as a consequence of so much money, Neutrogena became very spoiled. She is extremely beautiful, but she is quite insecure and she obeys Ashley like she was her master.And for last but not least, Karen Owens, she is a gorgeous young girl that is quite aloof. She is regarded as a bimbo, as her attitudes and sayings are quite dim-witted, to the point of being comedic. She also is said to be very promiscuous.

The three girls together are considered the most beautiful, glamorous and overall hottest girls in Community School for the Gifted in Sunset Valley.